We are dedicated to high quality

We deliver on high quality not only on flooring but on baseboards as well. We want to make your home amazing with higher quality flooring.

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Hard wood

We can install hard wood flooring but we prefer to install it from the cali bamboo provider. They make many kinds of flooring from hard wood to luxury vinyl. Call us and we can bring some samples and a hammer to show you the visible difference between the two types.

Preferred suppler

Cali Bamboo the worlds hardest flooring.

You won’t believe the quality. This flooring has a 50 year residential warranty & a 10 year warranty for commercial applications.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

From commercial applications to residential, Luxury Vinyl Flooring has many long lasting benefits including discounts on installation because the flooring is better designed and we spend less time with installation.

Let us help you today.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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